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Alphataurus - Live in Bloom

Alphataurus - Live in Bloom
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Art.Nr.: AMS LP49
Alphataurus - Live in Bloom

 When we announced the reunion of Alphataurus in 2010, after over 35 years of silence, many people waited for the usual odd nostalgia concert without major consequences.
This proved not to be true, as that November 6th gig turned out to be a memorable event for the lucky 700 people who came at the Bloom in Mezzago, and the few who were lucky enough to see the band yesterday and today, confirm that Alphataurus haven't lost an ounce of energy and enthusiasm that made them, forty years after their only LP, one of the most esteemed and beloved bands of the Italian seventies prog scene.
After the success of that show Alphataurus did not stop, as the band promised to return on stage and studio permanently. As a first sign of life, we're giving you the professional recording of that memorable evening, witnessing one of the greatest live comebacks of Italian Progressive Rock. The dove is back!
The vinyl release contains all the tracks of their debut work, while the CD contains the whole concert with some fantastic unreleased tracks, that were played that night. Artwork by Adriano Marangoni, the same who painted the cover of their legendary debut!

1.Peccato d'orgoglio
2.Ombra muta
3.La mente vola
4.Dopo l'uragano

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