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RUGBYS - Hot Cargo

RUGBYS - Hot Cargo
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RUGBYS - Hot Cargo

The sole obscure album from this Louisville, KY, hard rock group was recorded between 1966 and 1969 and was originally released on the Amazon label. The group's sound touched on hard rhythm & blues, garage, and beat, with striking similarities to West Coast fuzz legends Blue Cheer, who were creating distortion-heavy rock during the same era. Similarly, Rugbys mix heavy, fuzzed rhythms with psychedelic pop to excellent effect -- a highly recommended obscurity from the '60s rock underground in the vein of garage kings the Litter, Sonics, and Blue Cheer. ~ Skip Jansen, All Music Guide

1. You, I
2. Juditah Gina
3. Song To Fellow Man
4. King And Queen Of The World
5. Light
6. Rockin' All Over Again
7. Lines Of Thought
8. For Love Gone
9. Wendegahl (The Warlock)  

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