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FIRE - The Magic Shoemaker

FIRE - The Magic Shoemaker
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Art.Nr.: TPT 262
FIRE - The Magic Shoemaker

1. Children Of Immagination
2. Tell You A Story
3. Magic Shoes
4. Reason For Everything
5. Only A Dream
6. Flies Like A Bird
7. Like To Help You If I Can
8. I Can See The Sky
9. Shoemaker
10. Happy Man Am I
11. Children Of Imagination

Fire was a late 60's early 70's British psychedelic band consisted of Dave Lambert (who later joined Strawbs), Bob Voice and Dick Duffall. Best known for their superb debut single “Father’s Name is Dad” (Decca, 1967).

In January 1970, the band began recording The Magic Shoemaker, a whimsical concept album about a shoe cobbler named Mark and his pair of magic shoes which allow the hero of the story to fly. On this album, Fire was assisted by the Strawbs' frontman Dave Cousins on banjo, and guitarist Paul Brett (of Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera).

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