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FITS & LIMO - Astralis

FITS & LIMO - Astralis
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FITS & LIMO - Astralis

Studies on strange folk conducted by the Franconian institute of applied psychedelic sciences have resulted in a fine album entitled Astralis. 18 new refined psychedelic folk songs, which remind of Fit & Limo's mid-90ies releases, but also include progressive/wyrd/mystic folk elements of their more recent work. British folk of traditional and late 60ies/early 70ies style is combined with 60ies US flower power harmonies/West Coast acid rock and Fit & Limo's own special brand of Kraut/space folk playfulness. Influences of Incredible String Band and Pearls Before Swine are more distinct again; Beau Brummels, Beatles, Witthüser & Westrup come to mind, as well. Included are three excellent versions of British traditional songs based on recordings by Shirley & Dolly Collins ("The moon shines bright", "Down in yon forest", "The snow it melts the soonest") and a cover of Alex Campbell's "Been on the road so long".

1. Dem Neunen Jahr (3:35)
2. The Lovers (3:06)
3. Sweet Imagination (4:11)
4. Wind Whispers (2:53)
5. Drift Away (2:54)
6. The Moon Shines Bright (3:20)
7. Sing The Forest Temple (2:46)
8. Around The Fount (4:00)
9. The Snow It Melts The Snoonest (3:01)
10. Been On The Road So Long (3:01)
11. With The River (2:08)
12. Down In Yon Forest (3:11)
13. Chinese Firebird (3:21)
14. Lucky Boat (1:19)
15. A Swamp Room Lullabye (2:39)
16. Nebula (2:21)
17. Perlenglanz (3:23)
18. Astralis (1:03) 

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