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Eidetic Seeing - Drink The Sun LP

Eidetic Seeing - Drink The Sun  LP
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Eidetic Seeing - Drink The Sun  LP

Eidetic Seeing is a record that draws you near with its opening spacey drone and sucks you into a vortex, blowing some serious mind chunks in the process…Eidetic Seeing don’t fuck around; the record was recorded live in one take, so there is no studio trickery involved…Strap in, psych out, and leave no mind behind!”New York’s most musically innovative borough has spawned a psych rock monster. Formed in Brooklyn in 2009, Eidetic Seeing draw influences from the past and present to sculpt a uniquely contemporary sound that’s all their own.  Led by the ‘acid drenched’ guitar work of Sean Forlenza and the relentless rhythmic attack of drummer Paul Feitzinger (who also plays synthesizer) and bassist Danilo Randjic-Coleman, the trio have melted faces along the eastern seaboard with the likes of White Hills, Pontiak, La Otracina, and Human Adult Band.

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