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ELYSIAN FILED - Elysian Field

ELYSIAN FILED - Elysian Field
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ELYSIAN FILED - Elysian Field

 In 1968 Soul, Inc. disbanded and Elysian Field (mythological term for paradise) was born. Some of the best bands come from great bands breaking up. This was one of those occasions. Soul, Inc. was a great band; nevertheless some of the members were disenchanted with the direction the group was taking. Former members Jim Settle, Marvin Maxwell, and Frank Bugbee took a radically different direction with their new spin off group. This collection is all of their recorded works. The pop sound of Soul, Inc. was too restrained for the three rockers, and the sounds that you will hear on this two-album set are evidence of that. Although there are only a few polished pop songs, to keep the label happy at the time, the majority of the songs have a harder edge that gets away from that pin up pop studio sound that they felt was holding them back from being who they really were.

'Mother Hate' and 'I Hate You' seemed to be Elysian Field's way of expressing their dislike of the previous group and the situation that they had left behind, it was the proverbial raising of the middle finger and snarling through the music. The anger turned into some inspired playing and some great cuts. They got into the studio and did what they always wanted to do…cut loose and become the bonafide rock band they always wanted to be.

This group was very talented, so much so that they could have easily taken any direction musically that they set their sights on. They were heard in the best light as the killer garage-psych-rock outfit that had the guts and hindsight to do what their hearts told them to do. I loved the Soul, Inc. collection but I must admit that this was an excellent collection as well, one that made me realize that the three members who were the core of that original group had what it took to do what ever they decided to do, and do it successfully without holding back a thing. You can hear it in all in the music. You will be stunned how good all of this music sounds bearing in mind how long ago it was recorded. Even though some remastering can do wonders, groups like Elysian Field sound as fresh and vital today as when they first stepped into the studio. Now that is the beauty of timeless rock and roll.

Side One
1. Mother Hate
2. You Again
3. Didn't It Feel Good
4. Reservation
5. I Think I Can't Live Without You
6. I Hate You
7. Good Time Living
8. Bed Of Roses

Side Two
1. 24 Hours Of Loneliness
2. Strange Changes
3. Kind Of Man
4. Alone On Your Doorstep
5. Old Oak Tree
6. Keep Her
7. Canada

Side Three
1. On My Way
2. Revolution's In The Air
3. Let The Music Take You Down
4. Still I Want You
5. Man On Fire
6. Sundown Red

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