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UNDER MILKWOOD - Under Milkwood

UNDER MILKWOOD - Under Milkwood
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Art.Nr.: AK095
UNDER MILKWOOD - Under Milkwood


1.Empty Room 4:56
2.Changing Seasons 4:23
3.Tell Me 5:33
4.Forgotten Bridge 3:48
5.Parade 2:44
6.Sandwiches Rock 'n' Roll 3:29
7.Lost Youth 1:30
8.Ballad Of The Spirit Of The World 6:20
9.Final Song 6:10

UNDER MILKWOOD was recorded on A&M records (SP 4226)in 1969 but was not released, although there are rumors that a few promos got out. The album was reissued on vinyl by Fanny-Riverside label in the early 90s and most recently on vinyl and CD by Akarma Records (Comet) of Italy. The musical styles contained run all over the map. There is improvisational jazz, folk singing, rock, pop and general musical meandering. The performance is rough and uneven in spots, but oddly enough, by hanging in there it all makes sense in the end. Stylistically the sound resembles Fairport Convention or Jefferson Airplane. There's speculation the album wasn't released because of legal conflicts concerning the band's name. Another group titled 'Milkwood' existed at the time. Members of this band later became the Cars 

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