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MOTÖRHEAD - The Wörld Is Ours - Vol.1

MOTÖRHEAD - The Wörld Is Ours - Vol.1
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MOTÖRHEAD - The Wörld Is Ours - Vol.1

2 LP heavy weight gatefold cover recorded live Santiago Chile 2011

1: We Are Motorhead (Live)
2: Stay Clean (Live)
3: Get Back In Line (Live)
4: Metropolis (Live)
5: Over The Top (Live)

1: One Night Stand (Live)
2: Rock Out (Live)
3: The Thousand Names Of God (Live)
4: I Got Mine (Live)

1: I Know How To Die (Live)
2: The Chase Is Better Than The Catch (Live)
3: In The Name Of Tragedy (Live)
4: Just 'Cos You Got The Power (Live)

1: Going To Brazil (Live)
2: Killed By Death (Live)
3: Ace Of Spades (Live)
4: Overkill (Live)
8 B4: Overkill (Live) 

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