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Capsium Red - Appunti per un'idea fissa (LP edition)

Capsium Red - Appunti per un'idea fissa (LP edition)
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Capsium Red - Appunti per un'idea fissa (LP edition)

Many italian music fans only know Capsicum Red by name because their singer and guitarist Red Canzian had a very successful career (until now!) with pop band Pooh, and this four-piece from Treviso didn't catch so much interest in their short career. The name Capsicum Red was chosen by the producer Pino Massara when he discovered Canzian, singer and guitarist with I Prototipi, and took him to his newly-born label Bla Bla in 1970. After assembling a proper group with keyboardist Mauro Bolzan, bassist Walter Gasparini and drummer Paolo Podda (later replaced by Paolo Steffan and Roberto Balocco, the latter from Panna Fredda), Canzian strongly moved, with the Appunti per un'idea fissa LP towards progressive music with classical influences.
Side 1 contains the long Beethoven-derived Patetica suite, a very interesting piece of classical prog with keyboards to the fore. Side 2 is interesting too with three shorter songs. 

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