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Cittą Frontale - El Tor

Cittą Frontale - El Tor
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Art.Nr.: VM 135 LP
Cittą Frontale - El Tor

The name of Città Frontale brings together two groups from Naples from two different periods. The first was organized at the beginning of the seventies and included keyboard player Gianni Leone plus other four musicians. With the addition of Elio D’Anna this group will later become Osanna. After some brief live work the group broke up without leaving any kind of recordings. In 1974, following Osanna ‘s break up, Vairetti and Guarino brought together some new names from the always fertile scene of Naples to reform a new Città Frontale group. Among these musicians there was also the ex Saint Just member Gianni Guarracino. Their only album was released by Fonit in 1975 titled El Tor. Musically it contained two sides which are completely different: on the first one, the group is influenced by funky and jazz with strong horns parts, while the second one is more acoustic, in a “californian” style. The lyrics underline their strong social and political involvement. After El Tor the band disbanded since Vairetti and Guarino went to reform Osanna.
Now BTF reprint this wonderful album in the usual faithful cover. 

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